10 things your Band Could Post About on Social Media

10 things your Band Could Post About on Social Media

If your band is just posting about upcoming shows and 10% codes for your shirts, it’s zero wonder why your social media is failing. No one likes to be marketed to with every single message, you need to mix it up.

When you post non-sales pitch posts, you get to build a relationship with your fans. You become human, approachable, friendly. And who buys albums and attends shows? Friends do.

Below are some ideas for posts for your social media outlets - you are posting to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, right? Make sure you are, because not everyone is following you on one particular site.

  1. A photo from one of your band’s first shows - how far have you’ve come since then?

  2. A photo from a band member playing their first show, along with the back story.

  3. Find an old flyer and post that with a story about that show.

  4. Guitar player posts photo of their guitar, along with the story about why they started playing music.

  5. Live shot of your drummer, and listing their five favorite drummers.

  6. Check wikipedia for some of the band’s favorite albums - find which ones are celebrating an anniversary soon (5, 10, 15, 20 years), and post about it on that day.

  7. Build a playlist of your favorite cover songs, embed on your website / blog, then promote the link to your social media feeds.

  8. Make a video about the band’s favorite music videos. Edit them together, upload that video to Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

  9. Find photos of band’s that you took when you were younger. Use them for posts, with the stories behind each one.

  10. Provide value; have your guitar player compare two different pedals / amps / guitars. Same with your drummer, and bassist. Pretend a major gear magazine is asking your opinion, take it seriously, use good lights, a microphone.

If you have any questions, or need any help, get in touch!

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