Show Off your Rock and Roll Lifestyle

I wrote this on Sept 18, 2012.

If you've got a smart phone get on Instagram. Follow your friends. Follow some bands. Follow some people in bands.

Spend any amount of time on Instagram and you'll notice a lot of people take the same kind of photos: photographs of coffee, the open road out the window of their car. Oh look, we're at a gas station now.

Open a music magazine. How many shots of coffee, open roads, and gas stations do you see? NONE.


The photo on the right is from Jamey Jasta of Hatebreed:

Buffalo was raging! Thank u for the positive vibes & awesome energy! #bestfansever #hatebreed

Post photos from stage. Post photos with fans. Post photos of other bands playing. Post photos of you with other bands. Show us your gear. Show us backstage, even if backstage is just the back of the venue.

Remember: many fans will never get "backstage," and I can tell you after 25+ years of doing this, people still think “backstage” is this mythical magic land. Loads of people would love to have your "rock and roll lifestyle." Your "normal life" on the road is the dream-life for a lot of people, so stop posting mundane shit, and post the type of stuff that people only dream of.

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