Web, social, back end operations: it’s digital busy work.
We do it, so you can focus on what you do best.

 Hi, I'm Seth Werkheiser, and I run Close Mondays!

Close Mondays works with independent music publicists, managing their websites, social media accounts, and back end operations.

What if you could offload a bunch of your "busy work" to someone else? How much more could you focus on your existing clients?


WEBSITE Maintenance

Looks are everything, so make sure your website is current. We'll work together to make sure your active roster is up to date, and your press releases are posted to your site (they show up in search results, which is a good thing).


Your social media feeds are a showcase, so make sure they look damn good. And hey, your bands, their managers, and their labels see when you tag 'em. Wait, you’re not tagging them? You’re missing out!



You get paid to be publicist, not do data entry.  Every hour you spend managing your own reports is time you're not focusing on your  most important work.  Stop messing around in Google Sheets or Coverage Book, and let us do your data entry so you can reclaim hours every month.


Domain name management, website overhauls, design tweaks, email list clean ups, graphic design, press release and bio writing, Slack set ups, Mailchimp admin, template designs for press releases, A/B testing - digital dirty work is what we do.


I've been working with publicists since 2001

Since my days at Buzzginder, then AOL Music's Noise Creep, I know how you work, and Close Mondays can help you manage your hectic work load.


Current Clients

Publicists: Adrenaline PR, Atom Splitter PR, Freeman Promotions
Labels: eOne
Artists: Daeodon

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Stop Doing It All

How many more clients could you take on if you didn't have to manage everything on your own? What if your team could focus on pitching, rather than data entry?

Just imagine...

You've got 23 emails in your inbox from media outlets and writers with their links to coverage you secured. Now you get to send those links to us to file into your reports, and publish (and properly tag) on your social media channels. 

Uh oh. That last email campaign went out but had 100+ bounces. What happened? I can find out.

You're drowning in email. You've heard people talk about Slack, but you've got no time to research it, let alone set it up and test it out. I’ve been working in it for years, and can tell you all about it.

Do you live out of your inbox? Every time you go there to find something, you subject yourself to more distractions - and those distractions add up. Get important details out of your inbox, and into Trello, or Bear, or Todoist, which makes it easier to focus and share important information with your team.

You know you should scrub your email lists. Do you have the time to find the 100+ people who haven't opened a single email since 2015? We can do that.

There's something on your WordPress site that needs fixing, but your "web guy" takes two weeks to get back to you. At Close Mondays we don't disappear, so we'll help you get your website back in working order.

Your email went down... again. It's 2018 - it's time to switch to Google's G-Suite, and we can help you manage that move (without losing any emails).

How We Work Together

Close Mondays works on a monthly retainer for a fee we determine based on your roster, your needs, and your budget.

If you’re not sure you need help on a monthly basis, I do 45 minute consultation calls to help you get more organized, fine tune your work flow, and explain new technologies for your business.

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